Monday, January 10, 2011

New Craft Room

As I said in an earlier post, just before Christmas last year, Hubby and I did a huge rearrange in the house. And due to that I now have my own craft room. *yippp-pppie* I'm soooo happy to actually have a room in the house where I can come and create, and then NOT have to worry about tidying up straight away if I haven't finished. It's small and cozy, but it has everything in here that I need. I only want to put 1 more cupboard in here, and that will be to display what ever it is that I make up and don't send away. But that will have to wait to come in here, because of having one of my 2 best friends coming to visit me in 19 days time. So I'll have to pack away part of my craft room for her and her partner to sleep. Oh well.. Plenty of time between now and then to get crafting. 

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