Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mini Tool Box

How gorgeous is this little mini tool box. I found this one while searching the net one night, looking for a male type box to use for some chocolates and a gift voucher. I came across this site Kari Hughes, and saw the most gorgeous little box. Once I'd got the directions and printed it out, I set about making up the box. The most time consuming part of it is the cutting out of the box, once that's done, it's simple to put together, and is to die for.

What do you think???

Monday, January 17, 2011

Male Card #2

As you can see I've been a bit busy the last day or two with make Male themed cards. I have an influx of male birthday's over the next month or two, and thought I should probably start making them now, rather than being late as I usually am. 

This card was inspired by one of the many that I saw doing a google search. I probably should have clicked on it to find out who made the card originally but once again with my 4 year old in the room it was a little difficult. 

I'm still quite proud of the way it turned out, even if I did end up using 1 retired coloured card stock. 

Tune in tomorrow for a gorgeous little 3D project that fits in well with the male cards!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Male Card.

Male birthday cards are the one card that I have trouble with constantly. I don't know if it's because I only have 2 sets of "male" stamps but I can never come up with anything remotely "nice" on my own.

So yesterday afternoon while I had some spare time, I went in search of male designs on the net. I came across this blog Teneale Williams and found a gorgeous male card, using the tool set that I have.

While I have copied the design almost exactly, I did leave off the ribbon/bow, as I know the male that this is going to, won't appreciate that what so ever, and I left off the brads, as I completely forgot to put them on. (I was trying to work while entertaining my 4 year old)

I'm quite impressed with how this has turned out, so thank you to Teneale for the inspiration!!

New layout.

Ok so the pink layout that I had, wasn't quite what I was after, but now I've found this template I think I'm happy with it.. For now at least. It's a little more "crafty" which is what I want it to show.

I've been fairly busy today, and have made 2 cards and a gorgeous little 3D project, but they will come up over the next few days! Trying to space each and every post. So you will have to tune in tomorrow to check the first one out.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Card Organizer

Hopefully by the time this post goes live, my beautiful friend Leah will have received her birthday present. So I can now safely say what it is and show photos.

I found a project for a Card Organizer HERE  and thought what a brilliant idea that would be. It started off being only for me, but the more I made this organizer the more I decided that it would be a wonderful idea for a birthday present. Something that can be used day after day, year after year. So I decided that Leah would be the first recipient of this awesome organizer. 

As you may remember I posted a sneak peak the other day, and lucky for me her favourite colour is pink, so that was a major relief for me. I sent it off on Tuesday, and am hoping she got it yesterday (wednesday)

These are just a few photos of the organizer. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Robot Card

I'm not quite sure I'm happy with this card, but still it's nice. I think if I use it, I'll make a few changes, but for now it's ok. My boys both love it, I'd say because it has Robot's on it. Master 5 has asked if he can have it for his birthday card this year. so we will see...

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Craft Room

As I said in an earlier post, just before Christmas last year, Hubby and I did a huge rearrange in the house. And due to that I now have my own craft room. *yippp-pppie* I'm soooo happy to actually have a room in the house where I can come and create, and then NOT have to worry about tidying up straight away if I haven't finished. It's small and cozy, but it has everything in here that I need. I only want to put 1 more cupboard in here, and that will be to display what ever it is that I make up and don't send away. But that will have to wait to come in here, because of having one of my 2 best friends coming to visit me in 19 days time. So I'll have to pack away part of my craft room for her and her partner to sleep. Oh well.. Plenty of time between now and then to get crafting. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Butterfly card.

Here is a card that I made up while playing around. I'd received the Butterly die for the Big Shot quite a while ago, but forgot that I had it. You know how it goes, way too much stuff not enough time to play around with what you have. So when I was cleaning up and moving everything into my new craft room (another post) I found this little die, and was determined to have a play around with it. This is what I came up with.. A gorgeous female birthday card.

Friday, January 7, 2011

School Christmas Presents.

I know Christmas is over and done with, but due to my lack of blogging lately, I completely forgot to put these up.

I made 31 of these little milk cartons, 1 for each child in Master 5's school class, and a few left over.

I also made a little Christmas Card to go with them. 2 of the boxes weren't done in Christmas colours, due to 2 of the girls in Master 5's class not celebrating Christmas. So I did 2 little pink boxes, and made them a flower card, instead of christmas card. Which of course I forgot to take photos of. 

I'm quite proud of the way they turned out, and inside I filled them with smarties, and little love heart candies. The kids absolutely loved them. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sneak Peak birthday present....

Here I am again.

Sorry it's taken soo long to get back into blogging.. I seem to go through phases where I will and won't blog, so while I'm in a "blogging phase" here's a little sneak peak at a present I'm making for a really good friend.

Over the past few years, (12 months especially) Skip has been there for me through thick and thin. Lets me just completely rattle off ANY problems that I have without asking for anything in return. So as a little guesture to say thank you, I've made a birthday present for her, all-be-it a little late. There are just a few more things that I need to complete this present, and hopfully they will be done next week when I get paid again. So fingers crossed by this time next week I should be able to reveal the entire project as she will have received it by then.