Sunday, December 20, 2009


.... for being extremely slack with posting the last few days...

Life is extremely hectic in my household at the moment, what with 4 kids and everything... Plus I also had to get things organized for my 30th birthday party last night... I can't believe it's come and gone so quickly. It seems like only yesterday I was organizing it, but in reality it was 6 months ago that I first put the wheels in motion.

Will try and get some photo's up in the next day or two...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blog-a-long Day 15 - Skirt

Yay!!!! It's finished.. Well 1 is anyway...

Since the girls are here, I thought it would be beneficial if I got on to making their Christmas presents. And I'm glad that I waited, I had to put soooo many darts in Miss P's skirt as she's sooooo skinny. But it's all finished...

Miss K's on the other hand, well it's back to spotlight today as the mtr of material that I bought last week, has a massive hole in the middle of it.. gggrrr.... So looks like Miss K's skirt will have to wait until we get home this afternoon.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blog-a-long Day 14 - Birthday Present.

It's finally here... The time my gorgeous step daughters arrive for Christmas.. Lucky for us this time round, it has only been 10 weeks since we last saw them, usually it's 6 months between visit's..

Once everyone had woken up this morning and had breaky and all that, I thought it was time to give Miss P her birthday present, she turned 10 last Tuesday.

This is her 

And this is her reaction after getting her birthday present.

And just one more for good measure...

So I think I can safely say that she loves her new pressie... :) 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Blog-a-long Day 12. - Updates.

Ok so nothing to post as such right now, but I do have heaps that I need to get done before tomorrow night. This afternoon I'm going to spend cutting out some material for a bag, and another skirt, because the one I'd cut out didn't work properly.. gggrrr.. Ah well that's life. Ok I'm going to go and get these kids of mine into bed and then get on with some cutting and sewing.

Blog-a-long Day 11 - Quilt cover.

Whooo hooo!!! Finally the top section of the quilt cover is finished. It looks absolutely amazing, unfortunately I can't put any photos up till Monday, as I know my step daughters often read my blog, and I really don't want them both seeing the finished product. All I have left of it to do right now is to finish the back section of the quilt cover, make a pillow case, and then I'm finished it.. Which means I guess I'd better get off here and get on with sewing some more..

Blog-a-long Day 10 - Baby quilt and pillow

Well here it is finally. A little Thomas quilt and a pillow to go with Master H's baby capsule. He'd been on at me for days to get it finished so thought while I had no internet that I would get it done. I think it looks pretty cool, and he absolutely LOVES it. So I'm happy with that.



Not being slack..

... I promise.

I have a few posts to catch up on, we've had a bit of trouble with the internet this end of the country... Grrrrr... But I will be back a little later with a few posts that I'm missing out on. With not having the net, I managed to get quite a bit cut out and sewn together.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog-a-long Day 9. - Baby capsule cover.

Just a little makeover for a tired looking doll's baby capsule.

It was my baby's 3rd birthday today, and he wanted a baby for his special day. He got his baby, as well as an old doll's capsule that I had lying around from my step daughters. It was in desperate need of an update, so I made this Thomas the Tank cover for it. My next job is to make a little pillow and blanket for baby.

The Thomas cover.

The jellybean ruffles around the outside.

and last but not least, baby in the capsule.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog-a-long day 8. - Secret Santa Bag.

Well here it is. Part of the present that I'm sending to my EB SS.. The bag hasn't come up as good as I wanted it to, but I tried something new with it tonight and put some velcro in. Might take some time I think to get it working properly. I'm still happy with it, and I hope my SS will be as well. Going shopping tomorrow to buy the rest of the stuff and send it all off.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Blog-a-long day 7 - birthday cake.

Ok so I'm here, better late than never I guess..

Have had one heck of a day, had planned on doing some cutting out tonight, but that got put on the back burner, to make way for a birthday cake. My baby is turning 3 on Wednesday, and his Day Care lady is putting on a birthday party for him at day care tomorrow. So being that it's going to be a pirate theme, I thought I'd better make, or attempt to make a pirate ship for the cake. OMG MASSIVE disaster, it looks nothing like a ship, but it will have to do. I'm not going through that again and making another one. lol.

please excuse the crappy photo's, for now, they were taken on my web cam, as the battery for my camera is dead. ooppps.. Going to charge it overnight, so will put better pics up tomorrow.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blog-a-long Day 6. - Photo's.

Ok so no sewing stuff to show off today, but thought I'd throw in a few photo's from our trip out and about today. I just love the vastness of the South Australian country side. We went on a picnic and lovely Sunday drive, down through Cape Jarvis, Rapid Bay, Normanville, Myponga, Sellicks Beach, Goolwa and then home to Victor Harbor. It was lovely.



Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blog-a-long Day 5

Nothing to show today, although I can tell you that I'm madly working on the quilt cover, as it needs to be finished by Sunday next week. Hopefully will be back tomorrow with a few photos of it.

But I will update my list for Christmas.
K's skirt 25th Dec cut out

P's skirt 25th Dec cut out
P's Bag 25th Dec
P's bday present 14th Dec working on that now
L&P's Christmas Present. 15th Dec
Gr's Christmas Present. 25th Dec
J&V's Christmas Present. 25th Dec
Mu's Christmas Present. 25th Dec
Us Christmas Present. 25th Dec
EB Secret Santa bag 1st Dec cut out

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blog athon day 4.. - Quilt.

Yet again nothing finished to show off but, I do have some of the quilt to put up. I was up till 1am this morning trying to get quite a bit of it done. I've done about half so will try and get the rest done in the next few days. It's looking really good so far, and I'm happy with the way it looks..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Blog along Day 3.

Hey there... Nothing to show at the moment, although I did manage to get into Spotlight today and get some gorgeous material to make my step daughters bag for Christmas. Now to just work out what pattern to make for her, maybe I'll just stick with the backpack like I did for her big sister. This is the material that I got for her anyway...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Secret Santa.. - Day 2 Advent Blog along

This year I joined up to the EB Secret Santa for one last try. The last 3 years that I've been a part of it, my stuff has arrived about 4 weeks late, and really crappy $2 shop stuff. I know that it's the thought that counts and all that, but after the time and effort that I put in to all my presents, I still felt a little miffed by it all. So I thought I'll give it one more try, and OMG I'm sooooo glad that I did. I got the most amazing presents this year. So a huge thank you to ~Jane05~, I don't know if you read this, but if you do, THANK YOU so much, the present was absolutely amazing.

These are the Hair clips that I got

The beading that I'm going to put on the bag when it's done

And last but not least the material that I was sent.

And just because, she also sent the kids a packet of chocolate. I am so totally over the moon with what I received this year, thank you once again to ~Jane05~ if you read this.