Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Secret Santa.. - Day 2 Advent Blog along

This year I joined up to the EB Secret Santa for one last try. The last 3 years that I've been a part of it, my stuff has arrived about 4 weeks late, and really crappy $2 shop stuff. I know that it's the thought that counts and all that, but after the time and effort that I put in to all my presents, I still felt a little miffed by it all. So I thought I'll give it one more try, and OMG I'm sooooo glad that I did. I got the most amazing presents this year. So a huge thank you to ~Jane05~, I don't know if you read this, but if you do, THANK YOU so much, the present was absolutely amazing.

These are the Hair clips that I got

The beading that I'm going to put on the bag when it's done

And last but not least the material that I was sent.

And just because, she also sent the kids a packet of chocolate. I am so totally over the moon with what I received this year, thank you once again to ~Jane05~ if you read this.

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  1. That is DIVINE fabric! Can't wait to see what you produce with that!