Thursday, August 25, 2011

A VERY special gift..

Last Thursday I took my hubby and both my boys to the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide for a family photo shoot. The only difference to this one compared to others, was that we had a professional photographer do the photos for us.

With my youngest having Cancer we were directed towards a web page called Heartfelt. Heartfelt is a organization who with the help of some WONDERFUL photographers Australia wide, offer free photo sessions for Families who are suffering from the loss of a child, or whose children have terminal or serious illnesses. Once we found out that we were eligible we arranged with a photographer from Wild Lilly Studios. Carol is an absolutely AMAZING photographer and I'm in love with all her work, not to mention she is a wonderfully friendly and bubbly person. I really can't wait to see our photos when we get them sent to us.

Anyway, as my way of saying THANK YOU to her for her time and effort I made her a little gift. I found the most gorgeous little Stationery Box set Here. So set about making it. I'm pleased to say that after dropping it off to her yesterday she LOVED IT!! I'm sure I saw a tear or two come to her eyes, although I could be mistaken. I also just want to say if you're reading this Carol - that I'm so glad your little girl isn't as sick as first thought.

Box from outside.

Close up of scallop circle with pearls on front of box.

The inside of the box.

Gift cards with matching envelopes

Gift tags

Normal sized card plus also had matching envelopes.

The 2nd design of the normal cards again with matching envelopes. 

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