Saturday, August 27, 2011

Father's Card.

I did managed to get something OTHER than birthday and thank you cards done. I did a few of these "Dear Father" cards.

I'm still deciding if I should give it to my other half for Father's Day this year, or wait for his Birthday. We shall see. I made about 4 of these in an afternoon, and donated 2 to the Ronald McDonald House (as well as a few others that I'd made) for them to sell and keep the proceeds.

Before I'd even got to donating them, one of the girls on the desk had a look and bought 4. She absolutely LOVED them and wanted them for herself. I felt quite proud after hearing that.

This card used the Sail Away a-la-carte and the well scripted stamp sets. The jumbo eyelets were a last minute inclusion, that I think sets that card.

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  1. I agree.. the eyelets really give the card some balance. Lovely work XX