Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas Challenge Week 3

WOW!!! Week 3 of this Challenge already. And I actually have some things to show.

I decided last year that I was going to make some tags for all the Christmas Present's this year, as the shop bought ones I find to be very dull and drab, so this week I pulled out my Christmas stamp set and got about making them. This is what I've come up with

I've also been busy designing my Christmas Cards for this year. So far I have come up with 3 different designs, but I can guarantee that this won't be all I do. We have about 80 cards to send out every year, and I don't want them all looking the same. My aim is to come up with about 10 different designs. I'm part of the way through. This is what I've done.

1 comment:

  1. ooh very nice, sure beats the five cards I finished yesterday ;) although I am using slave labour and basic simple, simple designs! look forward to seeing the rest of your designs!