Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Everywhere we go..

I love that song.. Plus I can't believe that Christmas is 5 weeks away tomorrow. I'm not even organized. I have all the Adult's presents ordered and 20% made, but have sorted nothing out for my own children.

I guess with organizing a 30th birthday, a 3 year old party, and the girls arriving, Christmas is the last thing on my mind, when in reality it should be the first. Oh well, I'll get there.

I went into Ned's the other day, and found the most gorgeous little Christmas tin's with teddy bears on them, so this year, insted of Bon Bon's I'm going to make up tins with goodies in them. I've raided some old Bon Bon's and opened them up, so each tin will have a Hat, the toy out of the Bon Bon, some chocolates, a Christmas Tree ornament, and for the Ladies/Girls a pair of earrings each, for the boys, a matchbox car each, and haven't decided on the Men yet. But I'm sure I'll find something for them.



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