Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lots and lots to do!!

Well I think I've finally bitten off more than I can chew....

I've worked out that I have 8 projects on the go at the moment. 3 for my SIL, 1 for my MIL, the quilt cover for a friends daughter, a bag for me, and I've decided to make some placemats for our table! I'm sick of my boys making a mess on the table. So if I can make up 8 out of the material that I've got, then I'll be happy.. I can have 4 in the wash, while I have 4 on the table. hehe..

At least the bags for my SIL are coming along, I've finished cutting them out, and now just have to sew them together tonight, and send them either this week or next!!!

The quilt cover is really coming along. I haven't sewn anymore together yet, but I've been really really busy cutting out all the squares and triangles. I have quite a thick stack, so am going to try and sew some of those together tonight as well, all while watching All Saints. Let's see if hubby cracks the poo's at me. lol....

Well that's it for now, just wanted a quick update...

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  1. Only 8? I have 11 on the go with more about to hit me! It's soooo wonderful isn't it?? You can't possibly get bored with so much variety! :)